Sunday, March 8, 2015

Best natural oils to use for your hair

Argan oil

Argan oil is a fantastic natural sunscreen, heat protectant and an intensive repair treatment all in one! In fact, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose natural
 hair product, this is something you should definitely try. It will improve the elasticity of your dry, brittle hair, help reduce the frizziness of your locks making them softer and more manageable, repair damaged tresses and reduce further breakage as well as aid hair growth! Sounds unbelievable? No wonder argan oil is one of the most popular natural oils for hair!

Coconut oil

A well known secret of 
hair growth, beautiful healthy hair and healthy scalp - this natural oil for hair is a product ladies swear by! Give it a go in case you’re into organic hair care and love to experiment with natural hair products or in case you wish to try something new. Coconut oil works wonders for both dry and oily scalp, promoting that healthy balance, helping your damaged hair regain its natural shine and vitality, protecting it from both inside and outside!

Avocado oil

You know that avocado is good for your health because of all the wonderful nutrients it contains. It turns out that those nutrients can also do wonders for your 
hair. Packed with vitamins A, D and E, as well as B vitamins and protein, avocado oil can help combat dry, brittle strands by moisturizing each and every one. In addition, avocado oil also provides nutrients for your scalp so your hair can grow in healthy and strong. Use it alone or look for hair care products that contain it.

Olive oil

You might not think to use olive oil for anything besides cooking a fabulous meal, but you should. Olive oil is an easy to find and affordable option for conditioning your hair. It works to moisturize your locks as well and is more lightweight than many of the other oils on this list. The fatty acids and vitamin E that olive oil contains infuses your hair and hydrates each strand for shinier, healthier looking locks any day of the week. So use a little to cook and a little in your 
hair and you're all set.

Almond oil
If you want something that is going to make your hair smell good in addition to keeping it looking lustrous and healthy, almond oil is the choice for you. In addition to its yummy scent, almond oil is packed with fats, which makes it a great choice for getting rid of dry hair and fighting off the brittleness that comes with it.

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