Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tips to keep your skin healthy this summer

Hello ladies! In today's post I'm going to tell you some tips for healthy skin. There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy and nurtured skin.

Face Your Day

Even those short walks to lunch or running errands can put you at risk of too much sun exposure. Adding a healthy layer of face protecting sunscreen to your morning beauty routine is a critical don’t-skip-it step. Today’s advanced formulas combine powerful protection with an almost weightless feel so your makeup layers on silky smooth. Look for lotions enhanced with antioxidants for an extra skin-health boost.

Lip Service

While we never need an excuse to buy a new lipstick, sun protection for your lips means mandatory shopping! Whatever your color choice (we love everything from nude to red hot!), look for lip care with an SPF of at least 15. And consider lip balm vs. gloss for the summer, as balms tend to hydrate more and stay on longer.

Water, Water Everywhere

When it comes to your body, Mother Nature knows best! Seasonal summer foods like watermelon, leafy greens, and berries have a higher concentration of water to help you stay hydrated in the heat. In addition to drinking your daily in-take of water, it’s healthy and smart to indulge in fresh, water rich foods. So go ahead and enjoy watermelon – it’s 91% water!

Naturally You

Longer days, lighter clothing, and less makeup rule the season. Since going nude is a little, um, casual, opt for an all-in-one face fix. BB creams, aka beauty balms, are the absolute ‘IT Girls’ of skincare that instantly moisturize, even skintone, boost radiance, and illuminate your face with a skin perfecting glow. Still natural, still you (only better!), this all-encompassing beauty potion is the total package.

Sweat It Out

In addition to the obvious physical benefits, your fitness routine is a beauty ritual. Sweat, your body’s natural response to exercise, is a brilliant elixir that regulates your body temperature, releases trace amount of toxins*, and loosens dirt in your pores (that’s why you feel extra clean after your post workout shower!). Sweating also increases your circulation, improving your skin’s appearance with a healthy glow. So for extra beauty-oomph, do sweat the small stuff.

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