Thursday, March 31, 2016

NKD Pink Clay Mask | review

Hello ladies! Today I will do a review of this NKD Pink Clay Mask

First of all, I will tell you few things about NKD Body company. NKD Body is the company owned and run by the beautiful youtuber Brittney Lee Saunders
NKD Body products are 100% natural, vegan, not tasted on animals and owned in Australia. They ship throughout Australia and Internationaly. Products are all affordable and packaging is so cute.

So, now we can move to the review of this amazing Pink Clay Mask. One of the mask main ingrediens is Kaolin Clay. So, it's recommended that you use it after you have freshly clensed and exfoliated your skin. Product is pink color and is very thick. I applied it to my face avoiding my eyes. I did feel slight warming sensation on my face but once it had been on my face and started to dry, it was gone.
After washing it of I finished my usual facial routine. After this mask my skin become so soft and it definitely has given my pores a clean out. I really recomend you to try some NKD Body products, you will not regret. Enjoy!

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