Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rosegal wishlist

From time to time I really like to dress glamorous. I think that simple red spaghetti strap dress is perfect for that. On Rosegal site I found perfect red dresses. But, if you want more formal look I think that white collar black dress for that. Rosegal is definitely one of my favorite online stores. For this post I choose some dresses that I really like. Of course, I will put links below, so you can see them directly on the site. Enjoy!

Choker Summer Dress- https://goo.gl/usRMek

Casual Flowy Dress- https://goo.gl/aAEesH

Vertical Stripe Dress- https://goo.gl/Q7UxQZ

Bodycon Dress- https://goo.gl/8VkZjU

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