Friday, May 18, 2018 - Options for good non-toxic nail polish

Hello! Happy Friday! Today I want to write blog post about women's healt. It's very very very important to take care of yourself after a stressful day even more. 
There are many web sites which share tips and information about health in general. But can you actually trust all of those sources?
I don't think so. When I feel sick, I avoid going on Google and writing what's been bothering me to see what's causing the problems because it always seems so unreal to be having big diseases if your stomach only hurts. So I don't trust those sites. I am maybe more for going on forum web sites to see real people suffering the same problems I do and reading their advice.

But, there's also a web site about women's health which I think could be helpful to all of you called CheckPregancy. There you can find many tips and advice for women in general and pregnant women so I'd highly suggest you to check that out...
Today I want to talk about: options for good non-toxic nail polish
On this site you can find best 10 non-toxic nail polishes.
For todays post I choose my favorite 3 non-toxic nail polishes.

Zoya nail polish is a classic nail paint which has over 300 hundred colors for you to choose. Each polish is made without harmful chemicals that ruin your nails. The colors are easy to wear with its applicator and are smooth to put on.

Adrianne nail polishes are non-toxic nail polishes that come in about 27 different colors that are natural to party. The colors are each glossy and smooth which gives you more time to enjoy them on your nails.

The Peelable Nail Polish is a water-based nail polish with no toxic chemicals that damage your nails. It is eco-friendly and safe for the usage of kids. It provides an easy peel off by soaking it under warm water for 1 to 2 minutes.

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