Friday, February 8, 2019

Tissura silk crepe de chine fabrics

Tissura  online fabric store has an amazing collection of different types of fabric material for clothes to help you make your dream dress in the budget that fits you. They also have luxury fabrics for clothing to make your gown look extra dreamy, ethereal, feminine, and elegant.
On this site you can buy  fine quality silk from world's top brands .
They have wide range of  silk in all textures.
They also develop their unique design and their production at the facilities of their European partners  Taroni, Belinac, Frontline etc .
One can shop high quality silk fabric for any occasion like party, functions, daily wear etc.

Tissura is a global network of  fabric shops and showrooms that has been presenting haute couture fabrics for almost 20 years. They are reliable partners of  leading French, Italian, Belgian, Swiss, British textile manufacturers .

They have the most amazing collection of printed and non-printed fabrics of all kinds for men and women alike, with categories ranging from different prints to haute couture bridal and party wears. Even their collection of accessories is amazing which includes scarves and shawls. Also they have a wide collection of exclusive fabrics, and it’s so easy to choose as every fabric is given with a picture and its detailed description so you can never go wrong while choosing.

While browsing the site I came across some beautiful prints and designs of silk crepe de chine fabrics.

Crepe de chine fabric

Crepe de chine is a plain woven fabric created from high twist yarns. It has a soft, slightly rough texture and is either opaque or semi-opaque. Crepe de chine (from French ‘crepe of China’) has an amazing drape and is characterized by a matt sheen. This fabric is surprisingly durable. Crepe de chines are often used for dresses and blouses, as well as skirts and other spring/summer apparel.
Silk crepe de chine
Silk crepe de chine it's  a plain woven fabric created  from high twist yarns.
It's  either opaque or semi opaque and  can have rough or smooth texture .
It's a durable fabric and is characterized by matte sheen.
With a vibrant color and polka dots its ideal for spring and summer outfits

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