Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My face night routine!

Long and busy day is over, after moulting and dinner, comes my favorite part, removing makeup and preparing  face for the night.

First I take off most of my makeup with makeup removing wipes. I always use different. Now I have this great Softly wipes, they are very well to remove makeup and not irritating to the skin.

Then I cleancing my face with Eveline make up removing lotion. This is cleanser, tonic and make up remover in one. It's very good. I putt a little extra on my hand and well rub on my face, then I pick up the excess with wipes.

After that I peeling my face with Bourjois Paris radiance-boosting face scrub. This thing is awesome, after peeling the skin is very soft and shiny, and simply looks healthy.

And then moisturise my face with my favorite night cream. I use Nivea daily essentials regenerating night cream.

And that's it. I constantly changing products for nighttime routine, but this is something that I use now and I like how my skin looks after that.